AIM Team on the radio

Eric Boettcher, CEO and Scott Pelland, President of Applied Imagination Media, along with Kirk Davis of the Small Business Development Center at Green River Community College, were guests on BizTechTalk, a local radio talk show covering business and technology topics on KLAY AM 1180. YouRead more

Keywords used in the WordPress author tag on

Some onsite SEO can be a simple matter of finding opportunities that you’ve overlooked in the past. For blogs, and WordPress blogs in particular, one of those often-missed opportunities is optimizing the author tag. In WordPress, every author can specify a nickname, which can beRead more

Stop Spam on the keyboard image

Monty Python sang about spam. Campers eat spam. But when it comes to your website, spam is no laughing matter and when you get a ton of it, it’s pretty hard to digest. How to identify spam on your WordPress business website New WordPress businessRead more

the home page

The zen-inspired design of reflects the cultural roots of tea and the unique proposition of this Issaquah, Washington business. Experience Tea sells excellent tea and tea-related products, but more importantly it’s a place where people take classes in the tea experience and sample aRead more

a pair of glasses over similar copy blocks stresses the importance of careful planning with SEO keywords

It pays to research the keywords you intend to use in your online content. Effective keywords can change by location, by industry and even based on the time of year. For a recent legal firm’s website project, we discoverd that twice as many people inRead more about SEO keywords

a snowman represents how social media snowballs in The Social Media Snowball Effect post on

Snowballs are famous for getting big fast. Start with a lump the size of your fist and before you know it you’ve got something that could squash a Volkswagen. The snowball grows quickly because you keep expanding the surface area, which means that every timeLearn more about social media

AIMBIZ looks for ace tactics with keyword research for web design Kent WA and web design Issaquah

If you read through our initial post on our recent test for optimizing two posts using niche keywords, you might be interested to see how the posts are doing about a week later. Perhaps the most interesting result is that for our search terms: “webRead more

The image of a marble block relates to the post, Michelangelo's Chisel at

Michelangelo stepped back from the nearly finished and almost perfect statue of David and remarked: “Thanks to the magic of my chisel, I have created a work worthy of standing at the right hand of God himself.” And with a mighty laugh he set downRead more

Web design for Kent WA and Issaquah SEO test results: A man searches a lakeshore just as people search the Internet.

Testing the effectiveness of various SEO tactics is part of what we do at AIMBIZ, and it’s something anyone can do using free tools such as the Google Keyword Adwords tool, Twitter, HootSuite and a WordPress website. Recently, we began a test to optimize several

Online writing is reflected by the image of books and writing for the AIMBIZ article about the importance of writing for web design.

Good web design is about good writing; don’t buy any nonsense to the contrary. The online experience is primarily a reading experience. Why? Users want information fast and reading short messages is far faster than watching video. Text loads faster and, when written effectively, communicatesRead more

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